Our Commitment

Our ESG policy is consistent with the values we ascribe to, where operating to high ethical standards, robust risk management and a diverse and stable team-based culture have long been vital to our success. These policies complement the longstanding history of our ultimate parent, Pilot Company, as a social purpose company and its ongoing commitment to building long-term value through sustainability.

Protecting the environment of the communities in which we operate while providing reliable operations and advancing sustainable technologies takes commitment supported by effective processes, leading technologies, and dedicated people. Pilot’s environmental and energy transition efforts focus on lowering the carbon intensity of our operations, building lower carbon businesses, supporting well-designed climate policy and biodiversity, and responsible water management, all while managing risk.

We strive to empower people to improve their lives and meet their full potential. This effort includes promoting diversity & inclusion, creating prosperity, respecting human rights and contributing to social development goals in the communities where we operate.

The principles of responsibility, trust and integrity guide our actions and shape Pilot’s operations. We prioritize culture, pursue operational excellence, and strive to advance corporate governance.